Serving Our Community For 30 Years!


Franco's Market remains dedicated to supporting our community with fundraising opportunities that can help raise money for your organization.

Franco's Market is dedicated to supporting the community and is one of the only businesses in Cumberland County that continues the tradition allowing non-profits, schools, athletic groups, and churches to sell subs as a fundraiser. Whether your organization needs to raise a little or a lot of money, this fundraiser can work for you. 

How does the fundraiser work?

Franco's Market will allow your organization to sell tickets to redeem for any 1/2 Hot/Cold sandwich. For example, Franco's Market will charge your organization $6.25 for each ticket redeemed. Our suggested retail price would be $8.00 per ticket. Your organization would then make $2.00 per sold ticket. Most sub sales run over a two month period.

How do i get started?

You will need to call 856-451-2901 and make an appointment to come in and meet with us to discuss the program and get approval for your organization to begin the sub sale. We will discuss ticket cost, your retail price and determine your sub sale dates.

At this time our team will create a ticket sample on the spot for you. We handle all printing of the tickets and will notify you when we receive your order. Ticket orders are placed in values of 100, 250, 500, and 1,000. At the conclusion of your sub sale Franco's Market will tally your tickets and give you a total which must be paid within TWO weeks after the conclusion of your sub sale.